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Terms & Conditions

By submitting the Registration Form for the Campaign, you hereby consent to allow Beary Lovely, its associated persons or organisations, and their third party product or service providers and their representatives, whether within or outside Singapore to collect, use, disclose, store, retain and / or process all personal data and information that has been provided to Beary Lovely and that Beary Lovely possesses about you (whether from you or a third party) for the purposes of conducting consumer, marketing related or other similar research and analysis, and providing marketing and promotional information relating to products and / or services that Beary Lovely believe may be of interest or benefit to you, whether such products or services exist now or are created in the future, by the modes of communication such as :

– Voice Call
– Mail
– Email

to all your telephone number(s), residential address and your email address.

Beary Lovely’s Beary Gifts are sponsored, it comes with a 45mins – 60mins baby planning session with our sponsors.

Beary Lovely reserve the right at our sole discretion not to reply to any query, nor have any responsibility whatsoever to do so at any time.

Use of this website is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein (the “Terms“). Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to all the terms and conditions contained herein.

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