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Advantages and Disadvantages of having more than 1 child?

Many couples are thinking about how many children they should have? This is certainly subjective and everyone would have their own consideration. After all there is no ‘right’ number of children that one should have. If you are one of those couples who have already one child and thinking of having a second child than you should first read the advantages and disadvantages of having one child.

Disadvantages of having another child 

  1. Time. More time is needed when committed to another child,not just one but two.You will realize that you will have less or no time for yourself and your partner.Say goodbye to alone time if you are a working mum.

  2. Favoritism. Trust us, even in the absence of conscious effort, one or both parents may tend to favor one of their children. It’s just human nature! 

  3. Attention. You would instinctively give more attention and care to your second child during their early stages causing your first child to be feeling neglected and jealous. 

  4. Finances. Having another child can be expensive.The cost of child rearing is becoming greater and greater.Double necessities ,double cost on education, and even requiring more space which means having a bigger house.

Advantages of having another child

  1. Companion. Siblings are usually a child’s first friend and maintain lifelong bonds.They will also serve each other’s entertainment.The little one will never be alone.

  2. Support. There are bound to be setbacks that your children might face as they grow in life. Having a sibling to support and encourage each other and watch each other’s back will definitely give your child the courage to overcome these setbacks strongly.They can rely each for support even after you’ve passed on or just simply not around the time for whatever reason.

  3. Added joy and laughter. Having another child will bring a lot of joy and laughter to the family.Every child is unique in their own way and watching each of them grow healthily and happily will certainly give parents a great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

  4. Sharing Responsibility. If your child is the only sole caregiver of you, he or she might feel pressured.Thus, having another child can help to ease and share the responsibility of providing for you when you grow old and retire.

Remember that the number of your children does not define who you are as parent.What is important is that you raise your child to be a loving,respectful and responsible person.In the end,family size is always a very personal manner. No one can tell you what is best for your individual family.Only you and your spouse can tell you that.

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